New Metakit Extension

Alexander Shpilkin has contributed the metakit extension to Jim Tcl.

Metakit ( is an embeddable non-SQL database with advanced data manipulation features through the use of views. Using metakit can be an alternative to sqlite.

The Jim Tcl metakit interface is different from the Tcl metakit interface as it makes use of unique Jim Tcl features such as references. The metakit extension documentation fully explains the API.

Building the Metakit Extension

Building the extension requires the metakit headers and library to be available. Here is one way to statically build the metakit extension into jimsh.

$ cd jimtcl
$ svn co svn:// metakit
$ cd metakit/unix
$ ./configure --without-tcl --without-python --disable-shared
$ make
$ cd ../..
$ ./configure --with-ext=mk CFLAGS="-Imetakit/include -Lmetakit/unix"
$ make
$ ./jimsh examples/metakit.tcl

Steve Bennett (

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