Jim Tcl version 0.74

ANNOUNCE: Jim Tcl version 0.74

Jim Tcl 0.74 has been released and is available from:

http://repo.or.cz/w/jimtcl.git or https://github.com/msteveb/jimtcl

Find out all about Jim Tcl at http://jim.tcl.tk/


This release is mostly a bug fix release with some performance enhancements and a few small additional features. A summary is below. See git for the full changelog.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.

Bugs fixed in version 0.74

Features added in version 0.74

Performance Improvements

Thanks in large part to Lauri Kasanen, performance of Jim Tcl has improved by up to 20% in some areas compared to version 0.73.

    Executable Size     +1%
          PI digits     -4%
    [for] busy loop       .
       [local] loop       .
  [while] busy loop     -1%
                ary    -10%
         ary [dict]    -20%
       ary [static]     -1%
       dynamic code     -3%
dynamic code (list)       .
             expand     -1%
      fibonacci(25)     +1%
           heapsort     -4%
             mandel     -9%
         mini loops       .
       nested loops       .
             repeat       .
             rotate       .
              sieve    -20%
       sieve [dict]    -20%
              upvar    -16%
   wiki.tcl.tk/8566       .

Steve Bennett (steveb@workware.net.au)

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