Jim Is Modular

One of the advantages of Jim Tcl is that the core interpreter contains only the bare essentials. Many Tcl standard commands are provided by optional extensions which can be disable or built as loadable modules if required.

core commands
*, +, -, /, alias, append, break, catch, collect, concat, continue, curry, dict, env, error, errorInfo, eval, exists, exit, expr, finalize, for, foreach, format, getref, global, if, incr, info, join, lambda, lappend, lassign, lindex, linsert, list, llength, lmap, local, lrange, lrepeat, lreplace, lreverse, lsearch, lset, lsort, proc, rand, range, ref, rename, return, scan, set, setref, source, split, stackdump, stacktrace, string, subst, switch, tailcall, tell, throw, time, unset, uplevel, upvar, while
aio extension
open, socket
eventloop extension
vwait, update, after
tclcompat extension
puts, gets, read, close, tell, seek, eof, flush, parray, try, throw, case
array extension
clock extension
file extension
file, cd, pwd
exec extension
load extension
package extension
posix extension
os.fork, os.wait, os.getids, os.gethostname, os.uptime, pid
glob, readdir extensions
glob, readdir
regexp extension
regexp, regsub
signal extension
signal, alarm, kill, sleep

In addition, features including references, UTF-8 support, IPv6 and command line editing can be disabled with configure. See configure --help for full details.

Steve Bennett (steveb@workware.net.au)

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