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Update autosetup to v0.6.8    autosetup changes: - The syntax for templates has changed slightly - Update config.guess and config.sub to 2018-03-08 - Add rpath support - Add --runstatedir    Also: - enable rpath when building libjim as shared - ensure that 'make test' works on MacOS when libjim is shared    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: ddb44ce9e6 user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
exec: Finally get the environ right    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: 5e5468aebd user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
exec: Fix environment for windows    The incorrect environment was used in 8f7471a0f    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: 5d6623b385 user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
foreach: Avoid memory leak in case of error    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: 569b3d59ce user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
exec: Better adhere to possible vfork restrictions    Avoid modification of any variables on the parents stack. Avoid use of stdio in the event that execve fails.    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: fc4c80e31e user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
remove some unused variable assignments    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: 6220fc5fc0 user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
build-jim-ext: Improvements when cross compiling, Tcl    Detect when cross compiling (build != host) Tcl exec loses stderr if redirected and an error code is returned, so redo the approach to exec so that it works on both Tcl and Jim    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: 7c5bcde648 user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
linenoise.c: Minor update to fix compiler warning    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: 81c9a5ae01 user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
aio: Fall back to stdio error if no ssl error    Conditions such as ECONNRESET may result in a failed ssl connection with no ssl error, so return the stdio error in this case rather than just "unknown SSL error"    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: 5985f8c4d5 user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
aio: Always set error message on I/O error    Some operations that failed (such as read) would leave an empty error result.    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: 35cbeebf78 user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk
expr: Fix compiler warning on older gcc    jim/jim.c: In function ‘SetExprFromAny’: jim/jim.c:9109:16: error: ‘top’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized] expr->expr = top; ^ jim/jim.c:9075:25: note: ‘top’ was declared here struct JimExprNode *top;    Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: c9b57c7b2b user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk