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Comment:expr: Fix compiler warning on older gcc

jim/jim.c: In function ‘SetExprFromAny’: jim/jim.c:9109:16: error: ‘top’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized] expr->expr = top; ^ jim/jim.c:9075:25: note: ‘top’ was declared here struct JimExprNode *top;

Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au>

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SHA1: c9b57c7b2ba62a2d919fe73da1c1405d46d98459
User & Date: steveb@workware.net.au 2018-07-05 03:02:42
aio: Always set error message on I/O error

Some operations that failed (such as read) would leave an empty error result.

Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: 35cbeebf78 user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk

expr: Fix compiler warning on older gcc

jim/jim.c: In function ‘SetExprFromAny’: jim/jim.c:9109:16: error: ‘top’ may be used uninitialized in this function [-Werror=maybe-uninitialized] expr->expr = top; ^ jim/jim.c:9075:25: note: ‘top’ was declared here struct JimExprNode *top;

Signed-off-by: Steve Bennett <steveb@workware.net.au> check-in: c9b57c7b2b user: steveb@workware.net.au tags: trunk

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Added .gitignore.

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Added .travis.yml.


Added BUGS.


Added EastAsianWidth.txt.


Added Makefile.in.


Added README.extensions.

Added README.metakit.

Added README.namespaces.

Added README.oo.

Added README.sqlite.

Added README.utf-8.

Added STYLE.

Added TODO.

Added Tcl_shipped.html.

Added UnicodeData.txt.

Added appveyor.yml.

Added auto.def.

Added autosetup/LICENSE.

Added autosetup/README.autosetup.

Added autosetup/autosetup.

Added autosetup/autosetup-config.guess.

Added autosetup/autosetup-config.sub.

Added autosetup/autosetup-find-tclsh.

Added autosetup/autosetup-test-tclsh.

Added autosetup/cc-db.tcl.

Added autosetup/cc-lib.tcl.

Added autosetup/cc-shared.tcl.

Added autosetup/cc.tcl.

Added autosetup/default.auto.

Added autosetup/jimsh0.c.

Added autosetup/local.tcl.

Added autosetup/pkg-config.tcl.

Added autosetup/system.tcl.

Added autosetup/tmake.auto.

Added autosetup/tmake.tcl.

Added bench.tcl.

Added binary.tcl.

Added bootstrap.tcl.

Added build-jim-ext.in.

Added configure.

Added configure.ac.

Added examples.api/Makefile.

Added examples.api/README.

Added examples.api/jim_command.c.

Added examples.api/jim_hello.c.

Added examples.api/jim_list.c.

Added examples.api/jim_obj.c.

Added examples.api/jim_return.c.

Added examples.api/print.tcl.

Added examples.ext/Makefile.

Added examples.ext/README.

Added examples.ext/helloworld.c.

Added examples/certificate.pem.

Added examples/client-server.tcl.

Added examples/dns.tcl.

Added examples/dnstest.tcl.

Added examples/jtclsh.tcl.

Added examples/key.pem.

Added examples/metakit.tcl.

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Added examples/pipe.tcl.

Added examples/popen.tcl.

Added examples/sqlite3test.tcl.

Added examples/ssl.client.

Added examples/ssl.server.

Added examples/tcp.client.

Added examples/tcp.server.

Added examples/timedread.tcl.

Added examples/tip.tcl.

Added examples/udp.client.

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Added examples/udp6.client.

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Added freebsd/salvatore.txt.

Added freebsd/uwe.txt.

Added glob.tcl.

Added initjimsh.tcl.

Added jim-aio.c.

Added jim-array.c.

Added jim-clock.c.

Added jim-config.h.in.

Added jim-eventloop.c.

Added jim-eventloop.h.

Added jim-exec.c.

Added jim-file.c.

Added jim-format.c.

Added jim-history.c.

Added jim-interactive.c.

Added jim-interp.c.

Added jim-load.c.

Added jim-mk.cpp.

Added jim-namespace.c.

Added jim-nosignal.c.

Added jim-pack.c.

Added jim-package.c.

Added jim-posix.c.

Added jim-readdir.c.

Added jim-readline.c.

Added jim-regexp.c.

Added jim-sdl.c.

Added jim-signal.c.

Added jim-signal.h.

Added jim-sqlite3.c.

Added jim-subcmd.c.

Added jim-subcmd.h.

Added jim-syslog.c.

Added jim-tclprefix.c.

Added jim-tty.c.

Added jim-tty.h.

Added jim-win32.c.

Added jim-win32compat.c.

Added jim-win32compat.h.

Added jim-zlib.c.

Added jim.c.

Added jim.h.

Added jim_tcl.txt.

Added jimiocompat.c.

Added jimiocompat.h.

Added jimregexp.c.

Added jimregexp.h.

Added jimsh.c.

Added jimtcl.pc.in.

Added linenoise-win32.c.

Added linenoise.c.

Added linenoise.h.

Added make-bootstrap-jim.

Added make-c-ext.tcl.

Added make-index.

Added make-load-static-exts.tcl.

Added make-release.sh.

Added nshelper.tcl.

Added oo.tcl.

Added parse-unidata.tcl.

Added regtest.tcl.

Added rlprompt.tcl.

Added sqlite3/Makefile.

Added sqlite3/README.

Added sqlite3/build-ext.

Added sqlite3/jim-sqlite3.c.

Added sqlite3/shell.c.

Added sqlite3/sqlite3.c.

Added sqlite3/sqlite3.h.

Added sqlite3/sqlite3ext.h.

Added sqlite3/test-sqlite3.tcl.

Added stdlib.tcl.

Added tcl.license.terms.

Added tclcompat.tcl.

Added tcltest.tcl.

Added tests/Makefile.

Added tests/alias.test.

Added tests/apply.test.

Added tests/applyns.test.

Added tests/array.test.

Added tests/binary.test.

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Added tests/dummy.tcl.

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Added tests/errors.tcl.

Added tests/event.test.

Added tests/exec.test.

Added tests/exec2.test.

Added tests/exists.test.

Added tests/exitpackage.tcl.

Added tests/expand.test.

Added tests/expr-base.test.

Added tests/expr-new.test.

Added tests/expr-old.test.

Added tests/expr-pow.test.

Added tests/expr.test.

Added tests/exprsugar.test.

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Added tests/filejoin.test.

Added tests/for.test.

Added tests/format.test.

Added tests/glob.test.

Added tests/glob2.test.

Added tests/infoframe.test.

Added tests/jim.test.

Added tests/linsert.test.

Added tests/list.test.

Added tests/lock.test.

Added tests/loop.test.

Added tests/lrange.test.

Added tests/lreplace.test.

Added tests/lsearch.test.

Added tests/lsort.test.

Added tests/lsortcmd.test.

Added tests/misc.test.

Added tests/namespace.test.

Added tests/parse.test.

Added tests/perf.test.

Added tests/pid.test.

Added tests/prefix.test.

Added tests/proc-new.test.

Added tests/proc.test.

Added tests/procref.test.

Added tests/regcount.test.

Added tests/regexp.test.

Added tests/regexp2.test.

Added tests/regmin.test.

Added tests/rename.test.

Added tests/return-break.tcl.

Added tests/return.test.

Added tests/runall.tcl.

Added tests/scan.test.

Added tests/signal.test.

Added tests/stacktrace.test.

Added tests/string.test.

Added tests/stringmatch.test.

Added tests/subst.test.

Added tests/tailcall.test.

Added tests/testing.tcl.

Added tests/testio.in.

Added tests/timer.test.

Added tests/tree.test.

Added tests/try.test.

Added tests/uplevel.test.

Added tests/upvar.test.

Added tests/utf8.test.

Added tests/utftcl.test.

Added tests/util.test.

Added tests/while.test.

Added tests/zlib.test.

Added tools/benchtable.tcl.

Added tree.tcl.

Added utf8.c.

Added utf8.h.